Rhythmically Speaking

August 16-18
An evening of original work by local and national choreographers, celebrating 10 years of Rhythmically Speaking supporting and presenting creation in American vernacular dance

BLAQ and Bill Cottman

August 23-25

BLAQ PRESENCE is an observance that explores dreams and dreamers. The sound score is mainly jazz and is based on Toni Morrison's children's book "The Big Box".


September 20-23

Come witness the rise and fall of that all-American icon the televangelist, in this wildly imaginative, media-saturated performance propelled by the yearning beauty of Greycoats’ music, with a bump of gold-tinted 1980s nostalgia. Drawing inspiration from true stories of American evangels who flew too close to the sun, CHARISMA! invites audiences on a marathon of telethons, confronting a cult of personality, humanity’s carnal nature, and the impossibility of living up to a divine ideal.
Coming soon

Vie Boheme

September 27-29
Coming soon

Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance

October 19-21
Coming soon

Daara Dance Company

November 9-11

TaikoArts Midwest: Ensō Daiko (formerly Mu Daiko)

November 15-18
Coming soon

Exposed Brick Theatre

November 30 - December 9
Coming soon

Debra Berger, Emily Michaels King & Amber Johnson

December 14-22