Brownbody Presents: The Requisite Movers/Twin Cities


The Requisite Movers/Twin Cities
April 27-29
Presented by Brownbody and embracing FlyGround (Philadelphia) and Leslie Parker Dance Project (Saint Paul), the performances hold space for contemporary African diasporic dances and share stories rooted in truth and beauty through the complexities of Black experiences. 
ARENA DANCES Candy Box 2018


Candy Box Dance Festival
May 4-12
Mathew Janczewski’s ARENA DANCES presents the second annual Candy Box Dance Festival. This year’s festival features the work of Carl Flink’s Black Label Movement and Taja Will’s presentation of Gospels of Oblivion. As part of Candy Box Dance Festival 2018, people can take in master class opportunities, panel discussions, a contact improvisation jam and, once again, the works-in-progress happy hour series within the festival. 
Sparkle Theatricals presents The Room with Closets

Sparkle Theatricals

The Room with Closets
May 17-26
You are a citizen of nowhere in a universe of closets. Journey between Argentina and the United States in this new, dance-theatre tale of a life divided. Experience joyous flights of fantasy and grim political reality. Arrive at a deeper understanding of life, love, human nature, and finding a place to belong when home won't let you stay. 
Kaleena Miller Dance presents I Love Her

Kaleena Miller Dance

I Love Her
June 7-10
A new tap dance work featuring music by JT Bates. Kaleena Miller Dance's work is rooted in American Tap Dance - promoting the form, expanding its creative possibilities, and creating opportunities for Minnesota-based tap dancers. 
The Catalysts present Ball: A Musical Tribute To My Lost Testicle

The Catalysts

Ball: A Musical Tribute to My Lost Testicle
June 20-24
When Max Wojtanowicz was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer in January 2016, a friend told him to "conquer it, and then sing about it." Challenge accepted. Through storytelling and original songs about chemotherapy, community and courage, Ball is a show about laughing (and singing) in the face of darkness when life throws you a curve… ball. 
Coming soon


July 5-8
Coming soon

Samantha Johns & George McConnell

July 12-22
Coming soon

Rhythmically Speaking

August 16-18
Coming soon


August 23-25
Coming soon

SunsetGun Productions in collaboration with Twin Cities Trapeze Center

September 7-15
Coming soon


September 20-22
Coming soon

Vie Boheme

September 27-29
Coming soon


Co-Producers Jay Owen Eisenberg & Rick Miller, Director/Designer Joel Sass
October 4-14
Coming soon

Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance

October 19-21
Coming soon

Daara Dance Company

November 9-11

TaikoArts Midwest: Ensō Daiko (formerly Mu Daiko)

November 15-18
Coming soon

Exposed Brick Theatre

November 30 - December 9
Coming soon

Debra Berger and Emily Michaels King

December 20-23