Sumunar Indonesian Music and Dance

October 18-20

A young woman and a prince battle evil ogres for fresh water to save a village in this new dance drama featuring master performers from Java. Contemporary and classical dances, with intricately carved masks and ornate costumes, accompanied by live gamelan, round out the program. Join us Saturday evening for a second program of traditional long-form, meditative gamelan pieces paired with classical dance selections, including elegant court and masked topeng dances. The Sumunar Gamelan and Dance ensembles are joined by guest musicians and dancers from Java.

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Daara Dance Company

November 9-11

TaikoArts Midwest: Ensō Daiko (formerly Mu Daiko)

November 16-18

TaikoArts Midwest presents the best national and local taiko talent for a weekend of pure energy and fun. Join Ensō Daiko and their special guests, Tiffany Tamaribuchi, Megan Chao Smith, Sascha Molina, and Nicole Stansbury for a performance to get your blood pumping and your feet stomping. Tiffany Tamaribuchi competed against 27 male competitors, becoming the first woman and first non-Japanese to win the All Japan Odaiko Competition. Megan Chao Smith was her sidekick for that contest, and now we have them both onstage together, raising the roof at the Southern in a concert not to be missed!

Exposed Brick Theatre

November 30 - December 9

The Muslim ban didn’t happen overnight. Its seeds were planted long before 45 or 9/11. Freedom Daze is a journey through the media maze of (mis)information and indoctrination that has led to the creation of an enemy class of “them.” Using a multi-media approach and weaving together multiple storylines, the play follows an artist’s quest to discover how a childhood acquaintance, “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” came to be sentenced to a life in solitary confinement. In a world of “They hate freedom”, “If you see something, say something” and “The Terror Alert is”…where can one find the truth?

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Debra Berger, Emily Michaels King & Amber Johnson

December 14-22