Underdog Theatre presents Luna Gale 

Underdog Theatre

Luna Gale
March 22 - April 1
This contemporary drama follows two teenage parents fighting to keep their daughter while a social worker decides if they are fit to keep her. Wrestling with addiction and the many challenges that parenthood brings, this young couple is held under a microscope as one woman decides the direction of Luna’s future.
ARENA DANCES Candy Box 2018


Candy Box Dance Festival
May 4-12
Mathew Janczewski’s ARENA DANCES presents the second annual Candy Box Dance Festival. This year’s festival features the work of Carl Flink’s Black Label Movement and Taja Will’s presentation of Gospels of Oblivion. As part of Candy Box Dance Festival 2018, people can take in master class opportunities, panel discussions, a contact improvisation jam and, once again, the works-in-progress happy hour series within the festival. 

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