The 2014 TCHF lineup is here!

The moment we've all been waiting for is here... it's time to announce who will be haunting the Southern Theater stage this fall for Twin Cities Horror Festival III! We're excited to tell you that we've expanded this year's lineup to feature nine original productions ranging from the the bloodiest, to the funniest, to the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Full festival schedule  & tickets  available at

Twin Cities Horror Festival III runs Oct. 23 - Nov. 2 here at The Southern Theater.

The Lineup:


By Dangerous Productions: RawRedMeat

Beware, my heart glows with the hell inside it.

You promised a man. Monster. Man.
You promised a life. Yet I am born from death.
No one will hear my screams. But I know you can. Hear them.
You will listen when my heart's hell is unleashed, and your blood fills the streets.
And you will pay. All will pay.

A terrifying new adaptation by RawRedMeat Productions.

Do not bring children. Do not come alone.


Dance With the Devil

By Erin Sheppard Presents

What price would you pay to have your heart’s desire?
How much would you pay for true love? To be the most brilliant person in the room? For talent? Fame? The devil doesn’t really come to collect anyway. Does he? Through dance and spoken word, Dance with the Devil toys with soul-selling, collecting and outsmarting the master of tricksters. When you want something badly enough, you’ll do anything to get it.


Doll Collection

By Four Humors

A collection of dolls and the stories they tell.

Four Humors, creators of past Horror Festival shows Harold and The Murderer Did it!, bring another original work of horror. Doll Collection is a collection of shorts all revolving around the creepiness of dolls. Why are dolls so terrifying? What is it about their eyes that make us so uneasy? Did that clown doll just move? Join Four Humors in this exploration of your biggest childhood fear.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Dr. Jekyll

By Ghoulish Delights

Jekyll thinks he’s a monster, but some men never change.
After drinking a bizarre chemical concoction, Dr. Henry Jekyll has turned into a monster born of his own suppressed rage and lust. No. Actually, he drank a decongestant. But he’s now terrorizing London with as much fury as a meek chemistry professor can muster. His maid, however, she has turned into a monster.

Some men just can’t change.


Gentlemen, I Have Reason To Believe That One Of Us Is The Thing

By Gorilla Sandwich Productions

A parlor farce adaptation of John Carpenter's "The Thing."
"Gentlemen... The Thing" is a Victorian-Era parlor farce adaptation of John Carpenter's "The Thing." The play is set in the early 1900's in the estate of Ernest Shackleton. After finding an alien during an Antarctic expedition, Shackleton invites the world's brightest minds to examine it with deadly, yet hilarious, results.

The Surgeon

By Hardcover Theater

A drama, with elements of pitch-black comedy, about amputation.
A surgeon is drawn into an underground world of sufferers from Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a condition that causes people to hate parts of their own bodies. When he becomes vulnerable to blackmail, the surgeon finds himself doing things he really doesn't want to do. And the situation just keeps getting worse...


By The Importance of Being Fotis

A couple enjoys their evening. Later that night they’re murdered.
What happens when the audience knows the fate of the characters they’re watching on stage? At some point in the early morning hours of February, Jacob and Donna are murdered. Farmhouse shows the final hour of Jacob and Donna Smith’s life after they return home from a party. A play about what we know and don’t know and how that affects our perception in relation to the genre of horror.

Untitled Original Film + Score

By The Poor Nobodys

Live music with an original psycho-thriller film.

The Poor Nobodys return to TCHF III with another live film score. They got their fill of brains and blood with "Night of the Living Dead" in the first Twin Cities Horror Festival and have an original psycho-thriller film in the style of David Lynch to offer this year. The seven-piece ensemble (cello, piano, upright bass, banjo, mandolin, accordion and electric guitar) isn't afraid to bang on pieces of metal to add to the suspense of a live performance. All original music with original film + found footage.



By Transatlantic Love Affair

What would it take to strip away your humanity?

You are in a room. You don’t know how you got there or how long it’s been. You don’t know why they are doing these things to you. You still know who you are - but for how long? Physical theater ensemble Transatlantic Love Affair presents an original investigation into the dark corners of human nature.

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