The Main Street Project

"The Main Street Project" explores how current attitudes, relationships and habits have changed in an information-driven technological world by utilizing integrative forms of media – juxtaposing visceral and explosive movement with electro/techno/pop music, folk-inspired songs, and projections of filmed interviews with people from diverse communities and backgrounds. The work illuminates themes of isolation and belonging in contemporary society to ask the question, does “Main Street” still exist?

"The Main Street Project" is informed by ARENA’s Intergenerational Residency Program, which utilizes community outreach between youth and elder communities to create dialogue about topics such as home, community, and connection.

Local photographers Jake Armour, Keri Pickett and Wing Yung Huie will reveal their perspective on community as part of "The Main Street Project’s" premiere. In collaboration with Minneapolis Art On Wheels, these photos will be projected on the exterior wall of the Southern Theater and surfaces across the city. The unveiling ceremony will take place on September 15, 6 - 9pm, at the Marriott Courtyard in downtown Minneapolis.

Show Times:
Thursday, October 2 @ 8pm
Friday, October 3 @ 8pm
Saturday, October 4 @ 8pm
Sunday, October 5 @ 2pm

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