Sheep Theater: Christmas Storiessz V

From the creators of Christmas Storiessz I, Christmas Storiessz II: Murder on the Polar Express, Christmas Storiessz III: Tiny Tim Time, Christmas Storiessz IV: O Holy Night comes something completely unexpected: Christmas Storiessz V: Silent Night. Detective Dick Mahoney just used Frosty the Snowman as a nuclear warhead to blow up a meteor heading right for planet Earth saving humanity and in the process, killing Santa Claus. Now it’s years later and Christmas is no more, Santa has not been heard from nor has Dick Mahoney. The FBI goes looking for Dick Mahoney when a mysterious present shows up underneath a tree. Presented by Catholic St. Solomon’s Catholic Middle Catholic Private School as part of their annual Christmas Pageant. Christmas Storiessz V: Silent Night will teach you to love again and find out that there is a little Santa inside of all us, which should trouble us deeply.

Presented by Sheep Theater, the company that brought you The Good Boy and The Kid, Pinocchio, George, The Assassination of the Archduke of Austria Hungary Franz-Ferdinand, and The Most Dangerous Game.


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